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Guruji Premium Products
Guruji Premium products is a huge range of delicious and appetizing drinks filled with benefits of kesar and badam, healthier for your body. These products are free from any color, chemicals or preservatives with plenty of nutrients, best for summer days.

Guruji Squash
Presenting you with multiple flavors of Guruji Squash made from different fruits to keep your body hydrated with sweet and sour taste. The squash contains plenty of vitamins and minerals which provide energy and enhance your immune system.
Guruji Sharbat
Have a look on wide range of flavors of Guruji Sharbat, best for hotter days as these keep you hydrated and maintain the level of water in the body. Every sharbat is available at fair price with goodness of rose, chandan, khus and many more.
Guruji Jam
Children are less interested towards eating fruits, so here we are with multiple flavors of Guruji Jam filled with goodness of fruits like mango, strawberry, pineapple and many more. Each jam comes with sweet taste loved by children and can be used with bread, chapatis, etc.

Guruji Crush
In the busiest life there is no time for eating fruits, so here we bring Guruji Crush filled with benefits of fruits with plenty of minerals and vitamins to keep yourself healthy. The crush is available in different flavors and tastes.
Guruji Syrup
The Guruji syrup is a thick liquid that comes in artificial flavourings. The small amount of syrup can be added in food and beverages to enhance the flavour. It comes in three different flavours.
Guruji Pachak
All digestive problems can be solved once you start taking Guruji pachakgolis after consuming food. It will promote the secretion of digestive enzymes, resulting in the improvement of digestion and relief from digestive issues.

"Traditional Taste of India."
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